the journal

Collect moments, not things.

the journal

When we made the decision to move to Idaho, there was a lot weighing on us about our children.  Where one was thriving, another was struggling; where one was happy, the other was less so.  We travel a lot and last summer, on one of our annual trips, we decided that the kids seemed to thrive more in places where they could play outside more, in a slower pace, where their parents felt the slower pace.  So, we did it, almost a year ago, we picked our lives up and moved to Idaho.  The adjustment has been easy and the reward has been incredible.


We took a quick trip to visit family over in San Jose for the 4th of July.  This photo is from Capitola.  We had an incredible adventure.

I spent the morning with my Samsung NX30 and my lensbaby composer pro with sweet 35.  It was a perfect, simple morning with my simple, mirrorless camera and my favorite lens.  The Samsung can fit in any bag or just over my shoulder and I don’t even know it’s there (and the images can hop right over to my iPhone 6 plus with the free samsung app); the lensbaby, it’s my favorite thing in my bag to transform anything into a sweet story.  

Camera: Nikon D800 | Aperture: f/2.2 |  ISO: 640 | Focal Length: 35mm| Shutter Speed: 1/125s